“If you take the top two leaders of the top performing battalion and switch them with the top two leaders of the worst battalion, within 90 days the worst become the best and vice versa.” - Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former commander of the US special forces (JSOC)

About Leadership Exposed

About Leadership Exposed

When we are young, we rebel against everything. We question everything: the status quo, the law, the order. But later we realise to change the status quo, to change the system, we need force. The force is

∑F̅ = m·a̅

which means, the force is bigger, if more mass is accelerating toward the same direction. You can’t make change happen without coordinating the mass, and the thing enables this coordination is the leader! And how great is to be part of the that mass when great things happen! How great is to be the fan of your team when you just won the olimpics! How great is to be a soldier when you win the war! How great is to be your employee when you dominate the market! Who don’t want to be part of the winning team?

Lead, follow, or get out the way

“Duc, sequere, aut de via decede” or in English: “Lead, follow, or get out the way”. This latin proverb for is adopted by many great leader, such us General Patton, Ted Turner or Britain’s elite soldiers, the S.A.S.

There are endless list of materials out there about leadership, but it is really hard to learn from them. There are showcases of success in leading people in a given way, but there are examples to the complete opposite. The success happens in a context, and this is what most material does not cover well. Everyone is unique. Every situation has its very own circumstances, dimensions.

How can we expect success in applying a leadership advice as it is to the team of individuals in the turbulence of changing environment? Why do you think applying wisdom from a tycoon of an other time, an other team, in an other country will solve your problem?

Please don’t. The best you can get out of these examples is to train your gut feeling. This is very unscientific from an engineer as myself, but still this is what I recognised from two decade of leadership research.

Therefore I created this blog to summarise what I have learnt and feel important. If you have something to say, please comment under the posts, or write me privately.